20% of what we are doing is creating 80% of our solutions

maybe that is what we should be doing

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What we have in common conveys our reality

we this probability wave collapse and what the problem is when you get to the bottom level all you get are probability distributions probability is a category of possibility possibility is not actuality and so you get this very powerful question where does the actualization come from if the bottom level is pure possibility where does the actualization come from and of course Wolfgang puts the two arguments together well the actualization comes from the emanation above when you constrain probability enough it becomes actuality so I've given you a meta convergence

Every time we work together: We do well.  We should do so.  

We are not all equal.  We do not fall on the same soil.  Some of us fall in the valleys and can only see so far, some of us fall on the mountains and can only grow so much.  Regardless, we are all caught in the same river, the river of events in the Age of Aquarius: a age of water, a age of data, a age of connections filled with the 9,000 voices of god.

As we traverse the circle around the great attractor, there are more rocks and rapids ahead, there are things we have no control over but there are things we can control. We should control those things.  We should work together.  We should make choices.  We should  develop alternatives because as a person, as a tribe, as a species, every decision we make must be the right decision, otherwise each of us will be thrown into the river alone facing the rocks.  Yet again.    

Change is not constant.  Change is exponential.  We live in interesting times.

Emperors, Kings and Warlords are revealed, Prime Ministers unclothed, Senators are betrayers, while the House only listens to sounds of its own voice. It is time for a change.  Change occurs at the boundaries.  Only in Canada? Hey!

In some small way, be that change, that's all that I ask.       

We have the technical capacity to create a global proportional democracy.

We have the technical capacity to make a quantum leap as a species.

We should do so.      

A lesser people do not live and love beyound the boundaries of your imagination

We are connected.  Namaste

Icarus Flyby