20% of what we are doing is creating 80% of our solutions



for making better choices

things have changed.

Henry Kissinger and Moore's Law

are dead.

the geopolitical mitosis of our global culture has reached the telophase.

There are choices to be made.

Help create theFlux Capacitor.

Be a choice-maker!

we need common sense in trying times

When we work together: We do well.

theFlux Capactor is a blueprint, a draft for creating the means for making better choices

we are at a tipping point as a species

we have the technical capacity to create theFlux capacator, a penrose tile in a distributed  

Human Based Decision System


We should do so. 

Level Two

If you think Level One Democracy Was Hard

Level Two Challenges 

Universal Voting Rights
Your choice matters and your mixed feelings can be accounted for.  

Universal Free Health Care
Healthcare is free from birth and includes food, clothing and shelter 

Universal Free Education
Unlimited self directed access to an online educational Great Library of theFlux 

theFlux Capacitor guarantees your unique global identity. 

A lesser people do not live and love beyound the boundaries of your imagination

We are all connected.  


Icarus Flyby e/acc