the Team

Lucid Dreaming and Awakening

a thousand conceptual rivers , the great water, had to be crossed

a thousand complex systems had to be built 

these rivers have now been crossed, these systems have now been built

they just need to be connected to create s global democracy

the Manifestation of theFlux

that's the mission

Opportunity is high: On Monday you were working in China; on Tuesday you were leaving the country in order to retain your citizenship.  On Wednesday, you were indispensable, absolutely mission critical, on Thursday not so much, and on Friday you were already looking for work, stuck on a major highway due to unseasonal snow, when a new climate term swept everything you own into a river that didn't exist on Monday; the day the tornado tore your house down down while your crypto flew away.  

A trip to Mars, seems iffy, you don't see a towel anywhere ...

Boy Have I Got a Deal For You!

Paying for your own peanuts!


you are willing to donate your time 

and you believe in the mission

theFlux Capacitator

A 2023 Walled Community with a spiritual prosthetic

Hardware Project TEAM

Advanced Communications

Advanced Security

Advanced Systems

GUIs - Block Chains - VPNs

theFluxNode - theFluxPole - theFluxClient

Software Project TEAM

Advanced AI Services

Advanced Social Services

theFlux Resident - theFlux Citizen

theFlux DOJO - global democracy

Global Awareness - Self Awareness

distributed tribes - local tribes - personal services


Open ME First

You already work with or know the rest of senior management on startups


You know a lot of people

You know  who has the money and how to get it for what needs to be done


You know it all and can translate what you know into English

Agent Carter

You get things done.

#1  Change Occurs at the Boundaries

We are living in interesting times.  Volatility is high.  Opportunity is high.   

#2  Sell the problem

 We are having trouble making sensible decisions.   Information White Noise.

#3  Sell the solution

A 2023 walled community without walls!  A tribal village!  Boundaries!  Squiggles of Connections

#4  Sell Market Opportunity

90% of the worlds population has access to a smart phone.  

#5  We have the technology 

The expression of Moore's Law over 76 years.  

#6  Develop for High End Users

Reuse high end products in lower markets after development cycles

#7  Distributed Specialized TEAM Cells

You play well with others and enjoy working towards short and long term objectives

#8  The Ask